Master the Metrics that Matter Most to Your Business

Here are a few of the most important traffic benchmarks and metrics covered in this report: 

  • Total traffic 
  • Daily revenue  
  • Revenue per transaction
  • Conversion rate
  • Time with customer  

What You'll Learn

How to Integrate a Performance Measurement System and Reach the Top of Your Game

As a successful retailer, you know that the competition is everywhere... not only externally but with your own internal processes and procedures. You constantly strive to improve your business results at every opportunity. With the Retail Traffic Benchmark Series you'll learn how to think about your business in ways that put you at the top of your game, see what’s unique about your business, and leverage that uniqueness to make incremental improvements every day.

Classic Performance Benchmarking Methods... Updated for Today’s Modern Retailer

Learn the timeless secrets of performance measurement and how to apply those time-tested strategies in today's retail traffic conversion landscape. Sometimes the secret to conversion is right under your nose, and all you need is a new perspective on proven methods.

Winning Techniques for the Ever-Expanding Customer Buying Journey

Along with each new issue and throughout the quarter, you will see the practical improvements you can make to reach further into the customer buying journey, improve connections with your salespeople, and keep customers coming back for decades. Look forward to regular white papers on innovation and what is next in the world of retail traffic conversion.

What You'll Get

  • Regular email updates on insights and best practices
  • A free traffic analysis with recommendations on how to improve your conversion rate
  • ROI Calculators and Analysis Tools
  • White Papers
  • Current and Past Quarterly Benchmark Reports

What You Don't Know WILL Hurt Your Business

There was a time when you could get by without knowing details about how your business is performing within the industry category you operate in. Not any more!

The Doorcounts Retail Traffic Benchmark Series will keep you in the know. Being sure about where your business is in relationship to others in your category, is no longer a differentiator but merely tablestakes. It’s the minimum requirement to stay competitive and win in a rapidly evolving market place.

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